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Writing desks have been around since way before either of us were born and with the rise in technological advancements in the past twenty years nowadays nearly everyone has a computer. But the evolution of the desk really hasn’t come that far in a few hundred years and we’ve ‘hacked’ our traditional writing desks to accommodate for monitors, keyboards and other peripherals. It does beg the question though that if writing desks didn’t exist first how would the computer desk or workstation have been naturally designed and developed without any preconceptions? Some ergonomic designers have already been tackling this problem for the best part of a decade and in recent years we’ve seen rise to more and more work stations that diminish the preconception of the desk.

Some examples of modern computer first workstations is the Emperor 1510 which whilst really cool still currently hasa huge price tag of 4,699 pounds. Some innovative people have taken up methods of building their own replica for cheap ( case study: http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?p=34454691 ). This can also be accomplished by purchasing a cheap trampoline and welding on the parts as needed if you don’t have a pipe bender that can accommodate such a large radius. However this again requires a lot of time, dedication, skill and tools. Surely somewhere on the market there must be an inexpensive yet ergonomic work station available?

Enter the Obutto R3volution

Obutto r3volution

The Obutto workstation is traditionally made as a simulation rig for gamers but at its core design it is built as a workstation first with fundamental ergonomics within its design. Whilst cosmetically compared to the Emperor 1510 it is distinctively lacking in functionality it is incomparable. The entire rig is modular which means you can continuously add on to the rig whether it be an articulating arm for a graphics tablet or usb condenser microphone and likewise you can take away from the rig. The most attractive aspect of the Obutto is the price tag, with its basic rig structure starting at just £539.99 with delivery, a significant difference from the £4,699 price tag of the Emperor 1510. Optional extensions for the rig can also be bought at any point which include support for a triple monitor mount, acrylic tablet tops (VESA mounted which can be replaced with a graphics tablet or speakers as mentioned earlier) or a speaker mounting system for 5.1 speakers. If you’re a gamer you can also purchase throttle mounts and such as needed.

Obutto r3volution

Why not just stick with a traditional desk?

Whilst sticking to a traditional computer or writing desk is preferred by some people if you’re using a computer for long periods of time then I would thoroughly recommend investing in professional workstation. We’ve all had experiences of sitting at traditional desks for long periods of time only to find ourselves with aches and pains after a few hours. Some people also spend a lot of money investing in a good ergonomic chair to help combat these aches and pains but more often than not they still aren’t sitting in a correct manner or having their feet out in front of them, their forearms parallel to the ground and their keyboard at such a height that they are typing with their writs in a decline position. Long term use in these kind of position can also lead to a lot of problems later in life such as carpal tunnel syndrome, slip discs and improper muscle development.

 Oh...and it also comes with a cup holder:


Visit Obutto.com for more.

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