Take control of a personalised and easy to use tool.

Web Content

Easily create, edit, preview and publish great content on your website. Build pages and forms faster with an amazing drag-and-drop user experience.

Make fast updates with powerful inline editing. Ensure content quality and governance with approval workflows, granular permissions and version history.


Digital Assets

Enrich your content and communication with beautiful images and engaging videos. Save time and money by managing your digital assets from a central location, and share them across pages and sites.

Easily organize your files with hierarchical libraries, categories and tags. Great for time saving, ease of use and even SEO.

Widgets & Controls

Apart from Sitefinity’s built-in widgets, we can also create your own custom widgets and use them side by side with the default ones. That is, implement new widgets to specifically serve your business case needs and functionality requirements by implementing your own custom logic. 

You will be able to drag your widgets onto each page you create or edit with ease, as you can with simly to use layout controls and content areas. Sitefinity empowers you to build beautiful web pages in a quick and straight forward manner.

Form Builder

Support your marketing programs, increase conversions and generate more leads with forms that capture contact information from landing pages and downloads. Build, configure and publish web forms using drag-and-drop tools with no programming, capturing form submissions straight into your CRM and marketing automation systems.

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