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The brief

Albe (England) Limited are a major manufacturer of high precision tungsten carbide products for customers throughout the world.  Their products are used in some pretty serious environments including Oil and Gas rigs and also as components in Turbochargers, which (in a man's opinion) shouts cool.

The previous website was built back in the days of old when tables were used for layout and mobile phones were less 'smart', so it was safe to say a drastic overhaul was required in order to bring Albe up to date in terms of their online presence.

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The solution

The new Albe website looks great from mobile up to a wide screen monitor so it should satisfy Google's new 'mobile friendly' search algorithm which affects search results based on the device you are searching from.

HTML5 and CSS3 were core in providing attractive animations of core messages to woo potential visitors and bring the website up to date.  Albe key industries are displayed in an attractive format and imaging has been used extensively to show off their products and components.

Being built in, we were able to take advantage of web optimisations and script/css bundling which, in conjunction will client caching, has produced a quick and responsive website.

The results

Whilst the website is predominantly a brochure site, we felt that the attractive design and speed optimisations were a great success and should stand the test of time.  With SEO woven in along with various points of contact such as a question form and main contact form, Albe will see a rise in website traffic and enquiries.

Also, with a 100% error free validation report, Albe can also be sure that the website has been built to a high standard.

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