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The brief

Best Western, global brand, household name, hotel giant..... what a challenge!

After a rigorous tendering process and seeing off leading development agencies, Spinbox won the challenge to architect, design and develop arguable the largest Sitefinity website to date!

With a multi-millions of revenue at stake, Best Western required an integrated CMS, which would communicate with eight 3rd party systems, manage and book hotels with an international system, control and create end user accounts and bring their digital strategy inline with leading hoteliers, all with a platform and vision that will surpass competition.

With speed, responsiveness, accessibility, accuracy and conversions, conversions, conversions (yes conversions is that important!) at the top of the long development list, the website had to be perfect. Best Western required a fully integrated CMS that would allow users to search for a hotel in the UK and throughout the world for one of their 5000 hotels, provide pricing and full booking engine for hotel reservations.

Best Western on tablet

The solution

The solution was simple, for Best Western and for Spinbox, that we needed to start on a platform that provided the extensibility and flexibility that would not restrict future growth and the decision was Sitefinity CMS.

Architecture was the next step, working initially with 3rd party, Spinbox quickly took the lead to define the core requirements and proceed with Agile methodology based on tight business targets and objectives. The flexibility of the platform and agile allowed the stories to unfold as development progressed, with a hands on persona's team at Best Western the initial concept quickly took shape

Design was handled by Sharp, leading in branding, working with Spinbox on UI and conversions, Sharp provided great direction and design production, with Spinbox design and usability team involved from the outset.

After many 100's if not 1000's of hours of development, revisions, testing and more development, the Best Western website launched in March 2015.

The project has seen the start of another 12 month road to bring exciting new digital features to Best Western, with Sitefinity and the chaps at Telerik providing assistance along the way, the functional capabilities of this website development have surpassed anything done in Sitefinity before. With integrated marketing power the next step with Sitefinity's DEC platform, there are some cool things yet to come.

The results

The results can be seen immediately, the UI & UX and speed of the website are at an award winning level, with Spinbox tuning Sitefinity to be super fast out of the block, with use of Kendo and advanced caching and indexing, SEO has been a major factor in each development step.

With a split strategy of forked mobile and responsive desktop to tablet, conversions saw an immediate uplift after 3 days of go live. With new developments underway and identifying conversion holes, Spinbox has lead in usability adjustments, A/B split testing and functional improvements throughout all areas of the website in 2015.designed and developed by Spinbox is just the first part.

With conversion tracking, goal monitoring and advanced user statistics, Spinbox are developing the next round of strategical improvements to break the target conversion ratio's and launch Best Western as the leading independent hotel chain.

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