The brief

The BPHA needed a team whose reputation and knowledge of the housing sector could help them deal with the ever increasing number of applications they are receiving.

Having delivered BPHA’s first online application system within a short period of time, Spinbox were able to help with their expertise in developing custom online applications, and we set about developing an update to their bespoke database application which would help to not only help them processing their applications but would also deliver great automation features.
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The solution

Whilst the initial system met the needs of the BPHA to help them replace their in-house system, they needed a system developed which helped them meet the demands of the ever-increasing Help to Buy applications.

With no content management system required the solution we developed was based on ASP.NET and MVC. This allowed for rapid development of a web based application which was lightweight and didn’t incur the costs of a fully featured CMS.

Working within a loose brief, utilising Agile development methodology was key to being able to develop a system which met their needs. Development was split over several sprints and released to the client to help define requirement for subsequent iterations.

The end result for the client was a business system which dramatically improved workflow and allowed BPHA greater control and visibility over Help to Buy applications.

The system now has many new features which helps speed up the application process and deliver better reporting, including; audit & document trail and built-in affordability calculator to ensure applicants can afford their mortgage and loan. Automatic chaser emails are also sent to third parties to chase specific documents required and restricted access to external parties have also been included. Documents can now be uploaded as part of the process, rather than relying on keeping a paper trail.

Improved reporting allows them to see at a glance the status of applications and easily identify applications which need actioning.

The customised dashboard allows the BPHA and other third parties to immediately see an overview of the applications and send chaser emails on mass if required.

Development of BPHA’s web based Help to Buy application also allowed Spinbox to showcase their new dashboard design. A clean business focused user interface which utilized HTML5, CSS3 and LESS, allowed Spinbox to build a business system which not only improved productivity, but also offered a great user experience – something often overlooked when developing in house business systems.

The results

ELMS has transformed how BPHA operate the Equity Loans product, allowing for them to clear the back log of applications and hit targets and surpass them.

With automation, full auditing and tracking, ELMS is now the go to product for Help To Buy Applications management, which has impressed BPHA as well as the HCA, leading to a significant reduction in team size and increase the ROI.

With the number of Help to Buy applications increasing ten-fold, this business system has helped speed up the process for all parties concerned and increase the number of applications managed on a daily basis. A true success that digital can replace paper and increase efficiency by 500%!

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