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The brief

Brain Tumour Research is a charitable organisation launched in 2009 to raise awareness and funding for the prevention and treatment of brain tumours, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure. 

The previous website had many issues with structure, page length, coding quality, speed and conversion paths. These prevented BTR from delivering the best user experience and made it difficult for people to find out more about the charity and place donations.

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The solution

Spinbox main objectives for the redevelopment were to increase the online presence of BTR through improved organic SEO and create exceptional usability across the whole site particularly focusing on donations, support, information and fundraising opportunites. Visual presence, brand credibility and mobile responsiveness were also at the top of Spinbox agenda when approaching the redesign. 

New navigation and structure of content were fundamental elements to the redesigns. Spinbox wanted to ensure all website content was presented in a way that captivated users and encouraged them to interact with BTR. The new structure and navigation gives users clear paths to further explore the website and easily browse to find specific pages. Spinbox redesigned and created all the key landing pages and page templates. 

Previously BTR's blog was hosted on a sub domain which interfered with  the user journeys and layout of the site. Blogs are now integrated into the website to give a more consistent user experience and allow the content to be used on other pages. This was achieved by moving old blog content from Wordpress to the new CMS, Sitefinity. Moving BTR onto Sitefinity CMS was key for content population, future site growth and development.

The results

The effect of the redevelopment can be seen immediately. Each visual element has been carefully thought out to not only look amazing but provide an outstanding user interface. 

With the end goal and the main aim of the new website being to encourage and aid visitors to make donations, BTR now has a highly intuitive donations page that ensures making a donation is as easy as possible. With integrated call-to-action buttons in page templates across the website, users are only ever one click away from the donations area. 

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