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The brief

CNS Group is a specialist company that gives its clients access to dedicated experts in Information Assurance and IT Security. CNS Group aims to save clients time, worry and expense by remaining at their side to help them build, manage and continually improve their IT business systems with confidence.

CNS wanted to transform their website and consolidate their 3 different brands into 1 main website. The primary focus was to improve user journeys and make it easier for potential customers to get in touch.


The solution

Spinbox reviewed the site and recognised the best approach to achieve an outstanding website and get results was to carry out a digital transformation project over 12 months to deliver incremental, monthly improvements focusing on 5 main areas.

The first step Spinbox took was to complete a full SEO audit and optimisation report to investigate the structure of the website and identify areas of weakness. From this Spinbox produced a detailed list of recommendations on how to optimise pages in order to improve CNS Groups natural search engine rankings.

Another key focus was to combine the three brand sites into one main website. To do this Spinbox restructured the navigation and content to make is easy for users to get an insight and details without having to leave the main website.

In the first 2 months, Spinbox began with the heavier work to provide the right platform for all future improvements to ensure they could be released with ease and give quick results. Much of this work focused on improving users experience and getting better SEO.

From month 3 onwards, we focused on the content of the site; moving pages to the new responsive design templates, reworking copy and images as well as publishing new content.  

With the first few months’ worth of SEO and design improvements live, Spinbox launched an AdWords campaign to drive users to the site with a goal to increase the number of business enquiries.

The results

The website now has an attractive homepage with improved key user journeys and a more engaging presentation of content. The success of the first few months of the digital transformation project can be demonstrated through a large increase in website traffic and conversions.

Through the Spinbox managed AdWords campaign, CNS Group achieved amazing results with all 3 primary conversion goals being attained in the first 2 weeks.   

The campaign was singularly responsible for bringing 295 new users to the website in the first month alone and resulted in a major boost to new business enquiries. Before Spinbox involvement, CNS received on average 1 telephone enquiry per month, since the AdWords campaign - combined with the clearer calls-to-action throughout the website - enquiries rose to 13 in the first month alone. 

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