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The brief

A golden challenge which hasn't existed for some time, EE required an internal, interactive Christmas promotions and advent calendar, allowing dynamic and fun content to be pushed to 13,000 of their internal teams.

So challenge was set, but then so where the goal posts.. 5 weeks to go live with all creative, strategy, content and CMS to be fully live before 1st December... just to make it easy, a Flash game was required too!

Flash? Whats Flash? ... Oh yes, that old school animation thingy from a decade ago.. well we do like a challenge at Spinbox!

So we got to work, produced an amazing web app in Umbraco, dynamic content, online quizzes and prizes, security and distribution including support for IE6... oh yeah that was fun... and then an awesome flash game and an Augmented Reality app to go with it!

The solution

Umbracco was the best solution to deliver the EE advent calendar – a rich, open source .NET platform which allowed Spinbox to deliver the functionality which EE were looking for but without the licence fees normally associated with an enterprise level content management system.

Through the content management system EE staff were able to upload quiz questions which were presented to users on a daily basis. Access to the quiz was controlled, with employee information loaded into the CMS and registration required to access content ensuring that only EE staff were able to access content.

One of our more creative and fun assignments, this project called for the Spinbox team to develop a Flash based game for EE staff to play. As well as being fun to play the flash game was integrated with the content management system, storing score information against user accounts and contributing towards a scoreboard allowing EE staff to compete to see who had the high score. We also implemented controls to prevent users from playing the game more than three times a day. Finally we provided administrators with access to extract scores information on a daily basis.

As with all of our projects Agile techniques were used to manage delivery of development. Using this project management methodology allowed Spinbox to be responsive to changing requirements without risking impact on the project and deliver the project to EE on time and to budget.

The results

Well the results were beyond expectations. Not surprising, the flash game kicked butt, with so many plays we had to restrict it to 3 plays per day as no body was doing any work!

Hits, registrations and traffic surpassed the full months targets by day 14 of the advent and a jolly time was had by all.

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