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The brief

Lea Valley Homes needed a team whose knowledge of the housing sector was second to non to save them from drowning in spreadsheets and Word documents for the thousands of application they were processing.

Fortunately having worked with us before on development of their Help to Buy website they knew that Spinbox would be able to throw them a lifeline when they needed it, and we set about developing them a lifeboat in the form of a bespoke database application which would help to not only help them processing their applications but would also deliver great automation features.

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The solution

When it comes to the housing sector, Spinbox’s knowledge is second to none. Having established a working relationship with Aldwyck Housing group from delivering the website for their sub-brand Lea Valley Homes.

Aldwyck Housing Group were looking for a solution to replace their cumbersome in-house system for managing Help to Buy applications. Their existing system relied on manual processing and didn’t offer them the reliability they required with the expanding popularity of this scheme. They sought Spinbox’s expertise to develop a solution which met their growing needs.

With no content management system required the solution we developed was based on ASP.NET and MVC. This allowed for rapid development of a web based application which was lightweight and didn’t incur the costs of a fully featured CMS.

Working within a loose brief, utilising Agile development methodology was key to being able to develop a system which met Aldwyck Housing Group’s needs. Development was split over several sprints and released to the client to help define requirement for subsequent iterations.

The end result for the client was a business system which dramatically improved workflow and allowed Aldwyck Housing Group greater control and visibility over Help to Buy applications. Improved reporting allowed them to see at a glance the status of applications and easily identify applications which needed action. Development of automatic document creation using data held within the database and email functionality greatly reduced the amount of manual processing required to progress applications.

Development of Aldwyck Housing Group’s web based Help to Buy application also allowed Spinbox to showcase their new dashboard design. A clean business focussed user interface which utilized HTML5, CSS3 and LESS (a dynamic stylesheet language that extends standard CSS creates leaner code that is easier to maintain) and allowed Spinbox to build a business system which not only improved productivity, but also offered a great user experience – something often overlooked when developing in house business systems.

The results

A business system which has helped bring Lea Valley Homes greater clarity when it comes to managing the thousands of applications they have to process through the government's Help to Buy scheme.

No more reliance on spreadsheets or hours spent processing documents and emails. Spinbox's development delivered Lea Valley Homes with a slick, easy to use system which has transformed how Lea Valley Homes works.

LVH ELMs on multiple devices

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