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The brief

Homematch is a service from one of London's largest housing associations, Metropolitan.  The website has roots going back to the original Housing Options website that Spinbox designed and built, but things change a lot in government and new legislation meant that Metropolitan needed a fresh new website promoting their own property service that allowed users to search for and view homes in the London area.

Spinbox set about building the website a couple of years back, and a version was released that served Metropolitan well providing all of the core features required to allow users to search for and save properties as well as set up property alerts and register interests.

It was only recently that Spinbox re-vamped the homepage (primarily, yet allowing some tweaks to trickle through to other pages) thus bringing the website up to a standard that we feel deserves a spot in our portfolio.

The re-design required more emphasis on Featured Properties with a primary focus on the main reason people come to property sites - to search for a home.

Homematch on tablet

The solution

The core feature for the Homematch website is undoubtedly the property search, and quite rightly so!  The main search has been given an upgrade with a prominent position in the center of the hero area also with an attractive and simple to use UI.

Featured Properties have been promoted into a horizontal slider which responds and transforms at varying resolutions down to tablet (there's a forked or separate site for mobile).  CSS transitions have been used allowing for a fluid and modern UX.

Financial calculators have also been added to allow users to easily work out mortgage and property costs on a dedicated page.

Behind the scenes, a new image uploader has been added to the existing bespoke property management system allowing for dynamic cropping and resizing of images to ensure property pictures remain consistent on the front end.

An advert manager has also been integrated allowing Homematch to promote new developments or important events

For users, an authentication system is present allowing them to login and manage personal information pertinent to the application process or to manage saved searches and favourite properties.

The application process itself is simple to follow with applicants able to submit all the information required to apply for low cost home ownership with ease.

The results

The updated Homematch website is attractive and vibrant in design and offers an easy to use interface for those wanting to search for a new home in London.  The website is fast, well optimised and unencumbered from large back-end content management systems making it simple and enjoyable to use.

The bespoke property management system and image upload function ensures the front-end remains consistent and up to date and allows an intuitive way to add different types of Featured Properties to suit the different pages.

The existing mobile site is also lightning fast as the forked (separate site) approach removes the need for extraneous code often present in common fully responsive solutions.

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