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The brief

Spinbox have worked with the NFRC for a number of years and developed their current website, which saw success by jumping to number one in Google’s ranking within the first month of launch. The original brief was to produce a website to serve their member’s requirements, helping customers to find approved roofing contractors and allowing members to find roofing materials from approved suppliers.

Since its launch, NFRC have updated its content and Spinbox was tasked with performing some maintenance to ensure it remained consistent throughout as well as any enhancements which could be made to its look and feel. The updated content would help it retain the top spot on Google.

As its members are mainly out and about, the site also needed to be made responsive to ensure a good user experience on mobile and tablet devices.

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The solution

Spinbox reviewed the site’s content and suggested a number of changes which would help improve its natural SEO as well as creative changes which would give it a slightly updated look and feel, although still keeping within the look and feel of the original design.

The review document could also be used for best practice content creation in the future.

In order to make the site responsive, Spinbox had to make significant changes to the code and also remove the flash content in the website and re-create this using HTML5.

The results

The improvements to the site have helped to enhance the user experience as well as keep the site in the number one spot on Google for the keyword "Roofing", from a starting position of 54.

NFRC have been using their website as the primary method for maintaining and communicating with their members. Their website has become more than just a tool for its members and the general public, it’s at the heart of how the NFRC operate and has provided them with CRM capabilities key to their business.

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