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The brief

Serial entrepreneurs, Roland and Mitch set up Time4Advice in June 2010. Since then, the company has grown well and now looks after many quality financial advice businesses including St. James’s Place and Mattioli Woods.

Their mission is to help their clients transform businesses through the delivery of improved customer outcomes, increased profitability and reduced business risk.

With key business goals to promote their software offering, Curo, the previous website did not provide T4A with the digital and online presence, nor strategy to convert leads and an optimised user journey to do so. Spinbox needed to build a new experience, from the ground up.

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The solution

With visual presence and mobile responsiveness at the top of the agenda with the re-designed website, content architecture and navigation was key to the success of the new website. Utilising the latest web technologies such as HTML5 & CSS3, allowed for modern web browsers to display a highly engaging and interactive presentation of T4A services and software offering.

A generation of new content and a highly image led approach allowed the T4A presence to be driven with clear and simple messaging. Demonstrating the advantages to business and ROI through existing client portfolio and Curo automation functionality are the key features for the USP to be advertised throughout the website.

Defining 2 key user journeys on point of entry were key for T4A, from software offering and demos to bespoke services. The new digital strategy is to show to the audience the expertise in the financial sector held by T4A, and the drive for future technical advances in Curo. 

The results

Now anyone who visits the Time4Advice site is met with a website that is speedy and instantly engaging with great visual appeal. The site is easy to navigate with clean displays encouraging users to browse and get in contact.

The tasteful use of animation engages the users and gives the website its own unique and sophisticated feel without distracting away from the actual context and purpose of the website and business

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