Data Capture in Sitefinity

Support your marketing programs, increase conversions and generate more leads

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Improve the way you do business and service your customers, partners and vendors. Significantly reduce costs and the time it takes to build and deploy flexible, scalable and highly secure self-service portals for managing events, support cases, job applications and more, without custom development and technical roadblocks.

Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

Make Microsoft SharePoint documents and digital assets easily accessible on public websites, portals and mobile devices, by synchronizing them with a user-friendly web content management platform designed for engagement and digital marketing.

sharepoint connector sitefinity
Integration Platform

Integration Platform

Improve business results and deliver the best customer experience by using a web content management system that plays nice with other best-of-breed systems for digital marketing and commerce. Build custom integrations between your websites and your backend systems of record, such as CRM and ERP.

Connector for Marketo

Deliver a holistic, cross-channel customer experience by sharing data between your website and marketing automation system. Improve conversions and increase sales by integrating your web forms with Marketo to capture contact information, score leads and trigger nurturing email workflows. Enable your marketing team to segment website visitors using data from Marketo and personalize their experience.

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Connector for Salesforce CRM

Generate more leads by capturing data from website forms straight into Enable your marketing team to segment website visitors using data from, and personalize their experience with relevant content and calls to action.

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