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Easily Create Promotional Events

Easily Create Promotional Events

A successful promotional event will garner media attention, attract brand influencers, and maximize awareness.  Sitefinity offers a quick and easy solution for creating events and accepting online payments directly on your web site.  The Sitefinity built-in events module allows you to promote and schedule your events. Receive comments and feedback once your event is over.

Multi-Channel Content Syndication

Sitefinity simplifies the task of selecting and extracting content and syndicating it across multiple delivery channels. Content items (blogs, news, events, etc.) can be distributed through enhanced RSS or Atom Syndication. These items can also be published directly to Twitter without leaving Sitefinity.

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To create an interactive and engaging online experience, your visitors must be given the option to contribute to your website through comments. The Telerik Sitefinity CMS enables visitors to start a discussion on any content item on any webpage. Automated email notifications make sure you don’t miss a comment that requires immediate attention.

Publish Directly to Twitter

Sitefinity simplifies the task of broadcasting messages through Twitter by automatically tweeting new content. Configure one or more Twitter accounts, and then connect these accounts to content streams (news, events, blogs, etc.). Not only will new content be tweeted, but Sitefinity will also include a shortened link.

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Forums and Community 

Cultivate your brand's community and empower members to act on your behalf with Sitefinity's online discussion forums.  Member accounts and conversations are centrally managed and easily moderated. Participants are drawn-back into the conversation through email notifications & subscriptions.

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