Introducing Mischief

Mischief software by 61 solutions is a remarkable innovative product offering the benefits of raster based images coupled with the scalability of vector based systems.

As a supporter of underdog software companies I’ve constantly got my head to the digital ground looking for new software systems that can offer completely new innovative technologies that some of the larger industry leading companies simply cannot anymore, mostly due to tying themselves down into their own platforms. Therefore completely ground breaking and revolutionary techniques can only stem from start-up companies and such is true from 61 Solutions.

It didn’t take me long to get wind of Mischief as it has already created such an online buzz amonst concept artist and animators alike, although only being released less than a year ago.

Infinite Scalability?

The scalability Michief has to offer surpasses any vector based system you may have used to date. Just check out this video to see what I mean and you won’t believe your eyes. This program seriously pushes pixels.

Now while ‘infinite’ is an extremely powerful accusation the software is however limited to your own cpu and gpu device. I read not long back that one guy was trying to recreate the universe in mischief and ended up melting his pc down just shy of a few thousand miles above the earth.

CPU/GPU intensive?

Surprisingly Mischief uses less than 45mb worth of memory and the actual software is less than 5mb in total, compared to Adobe Illustrator’s CC of 140mb memory and 680mb in size.

.Art files?

.Art is Mischiefs native file extension. The infinite graphics are compiled beyond belief compared to what we’re used to. No more 30-50mb files or sometimes more! Mischief compiles its infinite scalability into these tiny 0.5mb .art files on average.

Downfalls of Mischief

While Mischief currently offers some amazingly powerful tools it’s important to remember the initial idea for 61 Solutions was to create a concept drafting application. Mischief was perhaps not expecting the overwhelming support is has so far received and it certainly isn’t ready for us all to ditch Illustrator and jump on the bandwagon. Mischief is still very much in its infancy and it lacks a lot of tools which are necessary for performing daily tasks such as bezier curves, type, transformations, exporting to other files types aside from PSD’s, JPGs and .Art files.

As a web designer we are also seeing high trends of uses for .SVG graphics in the form of icon fonts or even general illustrations on the web. Mischief isn’t strickly a vector based software and instead uses a mathematical representation. Therefore Mischief does not support the exporting of SVG files and has no place on the web in that respect. Although it is possible to export stupidly high res images and then convert them to SVG’s it certainly isn’t an ideal process for any one.


Mischief certainly has an extremely bright future ahead of it and I thoroughly believe that this type of technology will soon surpass traditional vector based graphics, for illustrators at least. For use on the web? I’m not so sure. Either way Mischief has certainly entered my personal process for concept designs and I will continue to support and keep an eye on 61 Solutions and the development of Mischief.

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