Windows 8: Increase your productivity

When you're working at at computer all day there are certain repetitive tasks that continuously slow you down.

ie: grabbing the mouse to click the start button. grabbing the mouse to click your browser icon and then clicking up onto the address bar and many many more.

But there are faster ways of achieving your goals on a pc without having to move your hand from the keyboard allowing you to quickly perform repetitive tasks without down time. So I've compiled a list of things that can help increase your productivity in Windows.

So the next time you're trying to resize your windows to fit side by side on a single monitor (or if you're using a large monitor and don't need a window to take up the full width) try these windows hot keys to automatically split your screen.

[Windows Key] + [Left Arrow] arrow
(Align your current window to the left half of the screen)

[Windows Key] + [Right Arrow]
(Align your current window to the right half of the screen)

 [Windows Key] + [Up Arrow]
(Maximise your current window)

[Windows Key] + [Down Arrow]
(Minimise your current window)

How about the next time you need to browse to a website quickly?
[Windows Key] + [Type the web address] + [Enter]
(Windows 8.1 only)

Need to quickly open a specific application? Same process.
[Windows Key] + [Type Application Name] + [Enter]

So how about accessing specific folders? For example here at Spinbox we have a shared drive which contains all our inhouse files and client files and the structure is typically X:\Clients\Client\Design to get to the design files of a particular client. We could repeat the same process of the above by hitting:
[Windows Key] + [Typing x:\clients\client\design] + [Enter]

But this process requires us knowing the exact path of where it is we want to go and we may not always remember the path and it can also be quite lengthy to type out.

This is where Bayden Slick Run comes into play.

With this nifty little program for Windows we can assign macros to particular 'magic words' to perform tasks. For example once we've installed Bayden SlickRun we can setup a magic word, for example: 'client-design to navigate us to 'x:\clients\client\design'

Now all we have to do to access this folder is press [Alt] + [Q] to bring up the Bayden SlickRun input field and type [client-design] and presto we're into the folder quickly and can resume production.

But Bayden Slickrun can do much more than open specific folders it can also be setup to create multiple functions. One particular magic world I have is 'morning' which once typed will open up photoshop, outlook, visual studio, xchat, bridge, firefox with various industry news websites I keep in touch with.

Have a play. It can take a week or so to get used to it but once you're conversed with it you'll never go back to slow mouse navigation again.







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