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Synx - The Dynamics CRM Portal Connector

Here at Spinbox, we've been working on something special and the time has finally come to announce what it is we've been so busy with. 

Spinbox are proud to announce - Synx!

So...What is Synx?

Synx is a CRM portal builder that connects your Sitefinity website to MS Dynamics, allowing you to instantly synchronise entities, attributes and views directly to Sitefinity. For businesses connected to MS Dynamics Synx is the ultimate portal solution, effective, simple, functional and as secure as you can find. 

Synx seamlessly enables your website and Dynamics data to become one by pushing data to Dynamics and pulling data into your website for information displays and customer portals. 

Why has Spinbox created Synx?

We made Synx to give businesses the ability to improve on customer service, lead generation and data integrity whilst reducing administration and overheads. 

With Synx you can empower your clients by giving them access to their personal data at anytime, from anywhere. This also ensures data integrity as you give customers the capability to update their own records directly through form data. 

What are some features of Synx?

One of the best things about Synx is the installation. We've made the setup process incredibly simple and intuitive. The automated installer detects what version of Sitefinity you're running, downloads the required files and then activates your licence for you. 

With the chart and grid widgets you can visually display information, control and personalise the information shown to each individual user and simplify complex data. Not only can you edit charts and grids quickly but you can also easily export them to excel and pdf formats. 

You can also create forms by pulling or updating data using CM entities and attributes. You're still able to create your forms using the Sitefinity form builder, we've just added various intuitive custom fields so that you can display data or push it back into the CRM with ease. 

Another great feature is the Synx scheduler. With this feature, you no longer need to manually synchronise the systems every time you want to update your data. Simply set when you want Sitefinity to communicate and capture the latest CRM content. 

These are just a few of the powerful features Synx offers. 

To start your free 30-day trial and find further information including documentation, videos and pricing visit the Synx website here.

You can also send us a message or give us a call on +44 (0) 1908 550487

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