Umbraco websites

With 15 years history, Spinbox have added Umbraco to our tool kit, we are looking to take over not take part!

Umbraco is a free-to-use Open Source CMS, which is powering more than 500,000 websites worldwide. Build on .NET technology, it is the perfect CMS to compliment any Microsoft based company for custom website development or integrations.

With the latest edition of Umbraco, you have enterprise grade CMS and functionality at a license free cost.. yes, FREE! With easy to use content editing features, scalable and secure platform, Umbraco makes a lot of sense for pretty much everyone.

Did we forget to tell you Umbraco has also won an award too? Well not just one award, loads of really important awards when it comes to choosing the right CMS solution for your website:

Why is Umbraco a wise choice for an Open Source CMS?

Intuitive editing experience

With Umbraco you can create anything from simple blog posts to responsive campaign websites all with a User Experience that lets you get the job done fast and with minimal training.

Versioned content

Worried about making a mistake or losing content? Perhaps you need to work on content that’s already been published? None of the above is a problem as all content in Umbraco is versioned. This means that you can always rollback to an older version.

Multilingual content in Umbraco

In Umbraco, you find a supported set-up for managing and creating multilingual content. This basically means that in your Umbraco 8 project, all content can exist in multiple variations at the same time.

Built-in form builder

A great website is all about conversions and conversations. This is why Umbraco also features a Form builder. Umbraco Forms makes it a breeze to build anything from simple contact forms to advanced questionnaires on your site.

Personalise your content

You can create content that can easily be enriched with taxonomies so the right content can be delivered to the right segments. Whether that’s by location, interests, time or even based on 3rd party segmentation tools.

Integrate with anything

Extensibility makes it possible to build and add anything. Whether it’s your eCommerce platform, your CRM, a 3rd party personalisation engine or your on-premise legacy business systems - add it to your Umbraco project.

What can Spinbox do for you?


  • Design and develop your new Umbraco website
  • Develop custom Umbraco functionality
  • Take over your existing Umbraco website
  • Manage your Umbraco website and hosting
  • Build custom applications in Umbraco


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