Ark Workplace Risk

Ark Workplace Risk has been putting organisations in control of their operational risk, compliance and safety for nearly three decades. They required a new website and new feel to modernise their offering with Spinbox.

The Brief Brief

Websites have changed considerably over the years with modern design trends becoming more apparent and users expecting more from the sites they visit.

Ark Workplace Risk are a Risk Management and Risk Software company who specialise in providing risk related services, consultancy and software.

The website needed to retain its corporate, professional appearance while also reflecting the company's headway and active involvement in developing professional IT software.  Additionally, a focus on the provision of resources such as articles and whitepapers needed to be a prominent feature of the website.

The Brief

The Solution Solution

The Brief

Spinbox re-designed the entire website taking a more linear approach to the layout, in-keeping with modern design trends.  The homepage, and other key areas of the site, features parallax scrolling sections to provide emphasis for key messages or calls to action.

Spinbox wanted to design the site with key navigation areas being offered as CTAs instead of the previously used mega menu keeping the context of the navigation around the content of the website.

The resources section is locked off for non-registered users with a prompt to register or sign in being used when a user tries to obtain documentation without first authenticating.

An SEO audit was performed prior to the design and build phase to align Spinbox with Ark's SEO aspirations along with their competitors'.


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The Results Results

The finished website navigates well, is attractively designed and is easy to maintain using Telerik's .net Sitefinity CMS.  An abundance of information is available for the consumer to digest in well thought out sections and resource areas.

The website is fully responsive, performs well at varying resolutions from mobile up to full HD with a particular emphasis on UX and performance, all delivered with Progress Sitefinity CMS.