Best Western - Hotel Development

As with the Channel 4 TV show, "A Very British Hotel Chain", see how Spinbox helped with the Best Western hotel development team expansion of the nations favourite hotel chain.

Smash It Brief

With the largest chain of hotels in the world, Best Western have expanded their brands to include premium hoteliers and boutique hotels. So it was time for a campaign and new approach to show how different Best Western actually is.

With access to Sitefinity CMS, the BW team created lots of useful content for new hotels to join the Best Western brand family. But there was a problem, it lacked the Best Western personality.

Overtime, the complexity of the different brands under the umbrella made for a difficult read to those visitors wanting to find specific information about joining - ultimately causing a drop in enquiries.

Best Western wanted a highly engaging website campaign to replace the existing Hotel Development page to support the team in their objective to acquire new hotels in joining the Best Western brand, but with some snaz!

Smash It

Be bold, be different Solution

Smash It
Working closely with the team at Best Western, Spinbox took on some wacky content ideas and pushed the brand appeal to it's limit. Being given creative freedom was a joy and our web designers let loose.

As always, we analysed our approach, do we stick to the old or go with the new?  Do we use existing CMS templates or push creativity?

With a lot of content to fit into a micro-site, the UX was key to successful delivery, allowing the offline marketing campaign to push hoteliers back to the website and engage with the content. So we went bold and brave and the results have been spectacular.


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Engagement & conversions Results

With the launch of the new micro-site, Best Western Group reputation goes from strength to strength. With its diverse offering for different hotel classifications, all under the same ethos of providing excellent hotel care, the new business development site has helped start the journey for many independent hotels to on-board with the Best Western Group.

A clear display of all the brands that make up the hotel groups family, Best Western are able to grow their offering which feed back directly into the main Best Western hotels website developed by Spinbox.