Brain Tumour Research

A charitable organisation launched in 2009 to raise awareness and funding for the prevention and treatment of brain tumours. BTR reached out to Spinbox for a full Website redesign and development to help become the leader in their field and raise life saving donations.

To help people Brief

Brain Tumour Research is a charitable organisation launched in 2009 to raise awareness and funding for the prevention and treatment of brain tumours, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.

The previous website had major issues with user journeys which prevented them from getting crucial conversions and donations. Support and information pages had issues with structure and length and fundraising pages were slow and poor quality.

Users got lost and confused when navigating the website and it wasn’t clear what the purpose of the website even was. As a charity BTR’s goals were to be the leaders in new information in areas such as research and of course to get as many donations as possible but with information fragmented and spread across different domains with no clear paths it just wasn’t possible.

To help people

The Solution Solution

To help people

As we do with all our clients we worked collaboratively with BTR from the start to the end of the project. This allows us to work in an Agile way ensuring the solutions tick off all of our clients issues. Segmenting the audience and defining the goals and re-engineering the user journey for donations, Spinbox analysis led is to a creative bold design which allowed for campaigns, fund raising, and maximising on donations.

The new site was integrated with the online donations platform NowDonate to allow users to complete donations without leaving the website. Users are now able to complete a donation from anywhere on the site with just one click.

The previous BTR blog was hosted on a wordpress site away from the main domain, a new blog section was created within the Sitefinity site and old posts were imported. This was a key part of improving user journeys and improving user experience as well as also improving management of the site and content internally.


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The Results Results

With the primary goal of the website visitors to make a donation, Spinbox created a highly intuitive donations page and user journey that ensures the donation process is as intuitive as possible. From being able to track donations in the backend of the site BTR and Spinbox could see the new journey was an immediate success with donations of over £2,500 made it the first week of launch (a record figure).

The website now has a modern and clean design with fast loading time on both desktop and mobile that users can easily navigate finding the information they need quickly.  

Being the best resource for the latest news and information being one of BTR’s key goals this is now achievable with the ability for staff to create and publish new content within minutes with the help of their new Sitefinity CMS.

Growth of the site has continued year on year, with content growth, fundraising and campaign engagement higher each year and integration of online shop, helping this amazing charity bring help to some amazing people.