Brett Martin

Brett Martin, a leading manufacturer of plastic building products, approached our team with a challenging request: to the existing website that would better reflect the company's values, showcase its extensive product range, and improve the user experience for customers and stakeholders.

Enhance and Growth Brief

Our team worked closely with Brett Martin's marketing and design teams to understand their requirements and goals, and to develop a comprehensive project plan. Our approach was to create a website that was visually striking, easy to use, and focused on engaging with customers and stakeholders. To take the existing Sitefinity website and fix the primary issues which included:

  • Broken UX
  • Slow speed
  • New functional developments
Enhance and Growth

UX & Growth Solution

Enhance and Growth

To achieve this, we began with a detailed user experience (UX) design process, mapping out the user journey and identifying pain points and areas for improvement. We then developed wireframes and prototypes to test our design concepts and refine the user experience. This involved working closely with Brett Martin's marketing and design teams to ensure that the website reflected the company's brand and values.

Once the UX design was finalized, we moved onto the visual design phase, creating a modern and professional design that highlighted the company's products and services. Our design team developed a color scheme, typography, and imagery that reflected Brett Martin's brand identity, and we incorporated this into the website's layout and content.

The development phase involved building the website using the latest web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We also implemented a content management system (CMS) to enable the Brett Martin team to update and manage the website's content easily.

Finally, we conducted thorough testing to ensure that the website was fully functional and free from any bugs or issues. This included testing across different browsers and devices to ensure that the website was fully responsive and accessible to all users.


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The result of our work was a website that exceeded Brett Martin's expectations, delivering a visually stunning and user-friendly experience that showcased the company's products and services in the best possible light. The website received positive feedback from customers and stakeholders alike and helped Brett Martin to strengthen its brand and increase its online presence.

With continuous development, we are introducing new features inline with Brett Martins company growth, and a strong emphasis on SEO.