Custom development application allowing Help to Buy agencies manage and delivery equity loans for the government Help to Buy scheme. Built in .NET MVC, the automated application has processed over 50,000 applications to date.

Bespoke App Solution Brief

Spinbox were approached by 2 clients, Aldwyck Housing & BPHA, to develop a purpose-built Property Information Form (PIF) management system which provides Help to Buy agents with a single database for processing and managing Equity Loan applications.

They required time saving features to facilitate the workflow of applications, ensuring that the correct information is captured at the right time and that all necessary documentation is produced automatically at each stage of the Equity Loan application process.

The application was the first of its kind that allowed a team of 40 to manage applicant details and be processed for eligibility and connected information to property developers and conveyances and central government systems.
Bespoke App Solution

Feature rich Solution

Bespoke App Solution

The initial launch feature set saw a back off application management system operate across multiple stakeholders and provided a business critical software solution to a specialist sector.

With Dashboards, search functionality, application processing and data entry, ELMS quickly was adopted by over 50 administration staff to meet the government SLA’s.

Now with over with over 7 years in operation, Spinbox have expanded the capabilities of the software app to improve business operation efficiency and automation. Such features include:

  • Advanced reporting & 3rd party data fees
  • Automated affordability assessment
  • Document generation
  • Conveyancer and Developer portals
  • Direct application entry
  • Azure migration & automated document generation
  • Full audited mail & communications system

ELMS includes automatic document creation features which allows users to quickly generate and email all of the necessary documents throughout each stage of the workflow, right from initial creation of an Equity Loan application through to completion, all in line with the Homes England requirements. All application information is instantly merged into each document saving time and ensuring documents are accurate before being sent to applicants and stakeholders.


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Automated App Results

The results for BPHA & Aldywyck have transformed the business and service provided to meet all Homes England expectations.

The application has been a pivotal tool to allow BPHA to re-win the bid to cover HTB in 1 of the 3 UK regions. In addition, each phased development has allowed staff numbers to be reduced, increasing team productivity and business profits.

With continuous development and flexible architecture, the software has been expanded to cover new schemes, direct stakeholder portals and increased automation and data validation.

With strong relationship with all clients using ELMS, the support of the application and continuous development has been a key aspect of the success of the project.