When formerly Agri energy re-branded to Olleco, the ambition was to establish themselves as the leading food waste collection provider in the UK. Known for oil collection and recycling, Olleco website has helped establish just that.

Green and clean Brief

The brief was simple, design and produce the "Gucci" of the oil and waste collection world!

The re-brand from Agri Energy to Olleco would allow Spinbox to stretch its creative legs and break out a new vision, even extend the brand guidelines to engage with target audiences in a new way.

A responsive mobile strategy is at the core of the website, with user journey mapping and functionality at the core of this great Sitefinity build. Olleco wanted the directional content and supporting images to flow from the key landing pages through to the information checkout that the user would be expecting.

Promoting the product and services in a highly competitive sector needed to be crystal clear to the B2B audience and showcase Olleco's vision and strategy for a cleaner world.

Green and clean

Reach new audiences Solution

Green and clean

To cater for Olleco's new branding and their tagline ‘Supply. Collect. Convert’ we decided to simplify the website and also break the user journey down to support this brand proposition. The user interface of the site was also vastly simplified, made cleaner and where possible made full width as to not constrain the site. Visual communication was also used in the form of Olleco’s existing vector infographics or utilising CSS3 animations to create a high impact banner to support the branding message. To keep the clean aspect of the site and not over populate the pages with text, we designed bespoke infographics to support the relevant content. Where images were supplied to us we created Bezier paths around the focal points to open up the image so that it would be displayed cleanly on the site.  

As well as adopting visual communicative methods, HTML5 specification with correct semantic markup and the latest CSS3 innovations the site was also developed to be dynamically responsive to cater for a multitude of mobile devices. Where possible rich snippets and schematic was also added across the site to help improve SEO.

The Olleco site is powered by the Sitefinity Content Management System. This platform was chosen due to the versatile nature of Sitefinity whereby Olleco is able to have full power and control over the site and to populate their own content and pages whilst keeping the original integrity of the design and branding intact.

Some of the more complex developments for the site included a Depot finder which worked on a postcode finder type of system which served results based on the users location input. Enquiries made via the site are also directed to specific depots depending on both the enquiry type and the location.


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The results Results

From the re-brand to the first website release, Spinbox came in guns blazing with a new concept design which wowed Olleco. Putting the user first, the new design and features have allowed the Olleco brand to reach a new audience and onboard new clients.

With website traffic increasing year on year, the Olleco website delivered more than expected and has stood the test of time. With content under control of Olleco, SEO has seen Olleco rise to page 1 of Google on organic SEO.

Enquiries and retained traffic will allow the Olleco new brand to cement its place as the leading Oil recycling company in the UK.