CRM Synx is a complete solution for integrating your website with Dynamics 365 CRM, pushing form data to your CRM and creating custom portals in Sitefinity CMS.

The Brief Brief

Synx is a new product that connects websites with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Synx provides a bridge for information to easily cross from one system to another allowing businesses to gather leads and form request directly into their CRM and also provide online customer portals. 

For the launch of Synx, Spinbox needed to create an amazing website from scratch, that not only looked great but was highly functional and intuitive for all visitors. The aim being that every user could browse through the content, register an account, download the free trial and purchase the product with ease. 


The Brief

The solution Solution

The Brief

Creating a brand new website meant Spinbox had a completely blank canvas, which gave us a chance to get creative, however it also meant there was a lot of work to be done. Everything needed to be created, from the logo to the page templates and forms.

The navigation and user journey were carefully considered and designed to ensure visitors could find their way through the new website smoothly. Secondary navigation was added so new content could be presented to the users without them having to scour through multiple pages. 

One of the key requirements for the website was to ensure information was presented clearly. Spinbox achieved this using custom modules to display content in a clean and engaging way. Using these custom modules also established a consistent look throughout the website. 

The well presented content is also accompanied with clear and concise call-to-action buttons throughout the website, easy-to-use forms and thank-you pages, leaving nowhere for users to get confused or lost.


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The Results Results

Spinbox have produced a fresh and modern looking website. The site gives users a detailed understanding of what Synx is, drawing attention to its features and capabilities as they are guiding through the site. 

Registered users have their own account area where they can access and update their details, view their active licences and see their order history. With clear pricing and a intuitive and quick checkout process, customers can purchase the product effortlessly.