As TVR set to launch their new car, under new management, we were delighted to design and develop an automotive website for an icon car brand. Covering the new car launch, deposits and specifications, through to Heritage TVR, the CMS driven website is poised to expand as TVR re-launch does.

Design a supercar website Brief

TVR have been an iconic brand in the automotive sector for decades. With a history of radical and beautiful car designs, the new website needed to have a modern edge to showcase the heritage and pedigree of TVR, but also to help usher in the new generation of TVR with a new car launch.

To celebrate TVR's 70th anniversary the brand has come roaring back with plans to unveil an eagerly awaited new sports car in September 2017. With creative freedom given to Spinbox, we got to work!
Design a supercar website

Strategy & vision Solution

Design a supercar website

Considering the longer-term requirements for TVRs digital strategy over the coming years, Spinbox came to the decision that Sitefinity Professional Edition should be used in recognition of the many benefits the version would make available to the TVR team. 

The initial phases of the new website redevelopment involved creating a new design and re-platforming the existing content. Spinbox then sought to improve the UX for all areas, creating new and improving existing functionality to better present information and encourage user interactions.

The image-driven model pages include specifications and dedicated galleries allowing users to easily browse performance and technical details for legendary TVR models from the past, alongside the latest imagery and stats for the brand new car with prominent calls to action to place a deposit and register interest.

In recognition of the history of the company and its brand, on the heritage page we implemented a timeline starting from the creation of the very first TVR and allowing users to smoothly browse key milestones up to the present day.


TVR gallery item 1
TVR gallery item 2
TVR gallery item 3
TVR gallery item 4
TVR gallery item 5
TVR gallery item 6

Roaring success Results

With a fixed deadline of the announcement date for the new car, Spinbox team stepped up to deliver the project and exceed expectations. The new website combines creativity and usability all based around the content and target audience. 

One of the key parts of the new website was imagery, the website has professional-grade high-resolution photos and images that give high impact, portraying the power of the cars and the unapologetic, brashness of the brand. With fast load times and an easy to use CMS, the website has been a powerful marketing tool for the TVR team.

Key content and functionality remain the focal point, regardless of the device the website is being used on, thanks to the fully responsive design and dynamic content, including integrations with YouTube.

During the initial launch of the new car, eCommerce was a critical element of the website, allowing TVR to sell out all of their launch edition models within the first few weeks of the website launch.