B2B subscription based businesses need to stay digital, giving access to services 24/7 and securing valuable content. Verdantix work with Spinbox to re-build a new research portal with full eCommerce capabilities.

Has to be flawless Brief

Verdantix is an independent consultancy that provides a range of strategic, forecasting, market intelligence and business information services to the energy market. They are experts in environment, health, safety and quality as well as real estate, facilities and maintenance.

The brief was simple, create an engaging automated process allowing Verdantix clients to register, subscribe and access market reports, in a secure portal that is flawless.

Custom workflows, content protection and client account management was required, with a simple UX creating an enjoyable subscription process.

From the content editors perspective, Verdantix needed a simple way to create and publish both public and protected content and have integrated client management capabilities. Reporting and tracking was one of many of the bespoke requirements added to the project, Spinbox were the logical choice to find a solution.

Has to be flawless

Powerful CMS driven site Solution

Has to be flawless

Spinbox recognise how crucial early stages of a project are, this is why we worked closely with Verdantix in the requirements phase until we had everything perfect to allow us to deliver an unmatched solution that meet budget and timeline needs.

Through our full consultancy and strategy services, Spinbox were able to refine the most crucial requirements that needed to be resolved and architect the best solution. During the wireframe and designs stage we continue to use a collaborative approach to ensure we work not just for the client but with the client to ensure we're aligned in our vision.

At the heart of the new research portal is the ability for Verdantix staff to be able to create new content and reports, and edit existing content with ease without needing to outsource work. Verdantix now have the capability to do this quickly and painlessly with Sitefinity CMS. Using the CMS as framework for content editing, the customisation and extensibility of Sitefinity was perfect for the project.

With a custom software solution developed, the bespoke .net controls were seamlessly integrated into Sitefinity giving Verdantix a complete management solution for their business. Verdantix Admin have far more control over website users, they can review logins, reset passwords and edit account data. In addition, they are also able to extract data into excel files to gather information and report on things such as active and non active members.  


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The results Results

The new research portal has been a huge success. Clients can now intuitively navigate around the new site and easily create an account to access gated content.

The benefits can not only be felt by the front end users but also Verdantix internal teams. Their efficiency has sky rocketed as the time to publish content and create reports has dramatically reduced with the introduction of Sitefinity CMS. With full 

After the project initially completed the work didn't stop there. Businesses have constant changing needs and when looking at the analytics and data on user behaviour there is always room for improvement.