Our Digital Process

Producing beautiful websites and apps that perform and get results takes more than a creative flare. Our project delivery process, combines research, planning, design and implementation through agile methodologies and industry best practice.

Project Management

With all projects for all industries, without the correct management and direction, the project will not be successful. Software Application development is the pinnacle of such belief, with project management the heart beat of a new web application development.

Not only does the project need to be managed in following of recognised and approved project management methodologies, but also the individual must be able to bridge the gap between developers, managers and end users.

At Spinbox, all of our Project Managers are either current or ex-developers who have a complete understanding of any limitations, technical restrictions with an aptitude for business management and requirements gathering. The key for Spinbox is to listen to our clients and the end users when design and developing any software application.

Our project management methodology is heavily based on Prince 2, with an adaptation which has been gained with the 10+ years experience we have established. Combined with an Agile development methodology, our PM are meticulous in their documentation, milestone and planning, to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

With amazing attention for detail, our PM team allows you to gain access directly to the development team, allowing assessment of each development iteration, access to Unit tests and performance and progress reviews, broken down in NON technical terms. Managing a project is vital and at Spinbox, you will find a level of service not experienced before.

Agile Methodology

The Agile Method

Using the Agile principles, we develop and test each unit independently. This ensures that each core aspect of the solution is refined and perfected as the code evolves. After each development, the unit is integrated and thoroughly tested. These bite sized releases are then integrated with all the developed components and validated against the requirements and design.

Using the Agile Methodology in every step will ensure cost savings and increased value. It also allows us to continually refine the mandates and integration to avoid any hiccups during the latter stages of development.

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