Funday Friday

With the Spinbox team working hard all week, we like to have a little Friday Fun in the afternoons. Well we don't schedule any live deployments on Fridays so we finally get to un-clench!

If you have been to our offices, no doubt you've spotted a few games around the office. Starting from Friday pub lunches, we break out with a round of Fragging, Foosball comp, Darts (I know, sounds very energetic right). When we are really getting excited, we even go out and mingle with other humans!

Christmas Parties

At the end of the year, Spinbox like celebrating in style. We now have a tradition of a rather elaborate Christmas celebration. From a Star Wars/Go-Karting and Dinner all day party, through to the Winter setting of Iceland and the Northern Lights or the deserts of Marrakesh.

2019 saw an amazing trip to Morocco, with quad biking (of course some motorsports would be involved), belly dancing and enjoying the culture of Morocco. Covid slowed down the action for 2020 & 2021, however looking to find our next destination as the team grows.