Web Development Consultant

Discovery & Analysis

Knowing what works for your business is the key to the puzzle of building a new website. So how do we do this? Simple, we work with you to ask the questions that not everyone thinks of. We work with your customers and audience to design and develop a website that works for them.

We pride ourselves on our strategic thinking, and apply this skill to your project. From analytics, research, goals and objectives, to understanding what metrics will define success before we start.

Digital Solutions

So what's the right solution for your website? Open source, Cloud, an Enterprise CMS... the list goes on. We don't expect you to have all the answers and will work with you to help make those difficult decisions.

We review what your business needs are and then research the right solution. We advise, direct and consult with you and your team on what would work best and what traps to look out for. From expert business analysts and technical consultants, we can review your business and requirements and advise on the right solutions for you to follow.


Vision and digital strategy is the forefront of our projects, with our consultants understanding your business and goals, we set out the strategy to succeed. From data analytics to user behaviour, be it for B2B or B2C, the goals and the digital solutions are designed for success.

Defining the goals being the first part, the digital strategy is the details on how we achieve those goals.

Creative & Design

Web Design & UX

UX Design

Keep your users happy, this is the key to User Experience design. Simple right? Understanding how to do that is a skill gained from direct user interaction, tracking, analytics and A/B testing.

Creative ideas spawn the conversation combined with tests. Collate and analyse the data and merge with best practices. Good UX can significantly improve you conversion rate and goals from sales to enquiries.

Web Design

The psychology behind a strong web design is a combination of both UX & UI, which is why you see these terms posted around so often. But lets not forget, web design is not a branding exercise, it's about how a user interacts with a digital device. Your website should reflect the brand but never be a simple replication of a print brochure!

We design websites for your users and to keep to your business brand. Our goal is not to make the CEO happy, but to ensure that your website is successful for your users.

UI Design

The User Interface is all about how beautiful your design is and how it makes your users feel. Shapes, edges, images and colours all make the design and creative experience, all should be designed to compliment your brand but appeal to the end user.

Having a pixel perfect design is essential before any coding, combined with UX insights, a successful website is around the corner.




Content Management Systems (CMS) are the heart and engine of websites, choosing wisely here can make and break the success of your website.

With so many CMS's on the market from SiteCore, WordPress, HubSpot and the likes, Spinbox have specialised in small selection as believe they offer the best combination of functionality and value. We therefore champion Sitefinity CMS & Umbraco CMS.

Custom Apps

Sometimes an off the shelf app or CMS just doesnt cut it. With our C# .NET development team, combined with UX & Angular developers, Spinbox provide custom application development services.

With a long history is online application systems for the property & Help To Buy sector, our automated web apps reduce business overheads, improve productive and data integrity.

Mobile Apps

Building an mobile app has proven to increase customer engagement and revenue for businesses. Combining your app into a single system now allows you to leverage your consolidated systems to push information to your omnichannel strategy.

Leverage a headless CMS, integrated with CRM & Mobile App for a complete 360 view of your information and data. Reduce costs, increase conversion and improve data analytics. Spinbox can produce the full connected system with mobile apps and data connectivity.



We love gadgets and shiny things and Microsoft HoloLens ticks all the boxes we get excited about. Far away from web development, Spinbox are produce HoloLens applications for B2B and B2C use.

With out first venture in the automotive sector, HoloLens brings a new engagement level for sales and interaction like never before. If you require a HoloLens development team, contact Spinbox today.

Digital Motion

Bring your site to life with engaging content. Animations, 3D Graphics, Motion Rendering & Video, new to Spinbox.

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Core to the bone at Spinbox

Technology is everything to Spinbox. We therefore have chosen to specialise in a few areas to be masters and not a Jack!


Azure Hosting is the ultimate solution for website hosting. Scalable, efficient and redundancy as standard, Spinbox are Azure resellers and provide full managed services.

Dynamics 365

Our CRM of choice, Dynamics 365, allows for full integration with websites we develop on Sitefinity. Using our connector, Synx, push data directly into Dynamics and create self service portals direct with Dynamics.

Umbraco & OpenSource

As a .NET web agency, we also work with Umbraco CMS and OrchardCore CMS for website development. License free, these alternative options can provide amazing website management and outstanding performance.

.NET Developers

We are proud of being geeks and our passion for C# & .NET technology is in everything we do. From website development, custom business apps and mobile Apps, we are even using C# for our 3D development.

Unity & Games

As coders and developers, we have an obvious passion for games and VR. So we have spent time mastering Unity, opening up the possibilities for games developer, VR & AR and into HoloLens app development also.