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Spinbox are unique when it comes to website design agencies, especially in London. We approach web design in a way that focuses on results and return, amazing User Experience (UX) and business applications that deliver excellent performance.

We believe that websites are not just for browsing, they are for a purpose. Understanding that purpose is our focus on producing results. We spend a lot of time researching your business and marketing objectives allowing us to deliver tailored web apps and websites managed using either a content management system or a custom web application.

With over 10 year experience in web design, we have refined and perfected our process for results driven web and app design.  We excel in Strategy & User Experience, Design & Development, Performance & Optimisation and Social Media & Marketing as we believe these are the key areas to a successful website. Find out more about what we do.

Probably the best Sitefinity Partner in the world
Ark needed a modern, corporate website to showcase their expertise in workplace risk services and consultancy and risk assessment software. SEO review and site maintenance Albe (England) Limited required a drastic update to bring their website into the 21st century. HTML5 and CSS3 was used throughout to provide an attractive website that works in varied resolutions and devices. Having previously migrated content from an existing Sitefinity 3.7 website, Spinbox were asked to re-evaluate the current front end website and recommend/implement new changes focusing on the presentation of EDA news and related content. BPHA wanted a site which operates as the face to the public, but with the power of a CRM and full automation.

Responsive Website & Mobile

With Google now ranking responsive or mobile compatible websites, it is essential that your website is responsive, Spinbox can help.

iphone app, ipad app, mobile app, tablet app and now Windows 8 app development is no longer a fad but an essential business tool. App development for mobile or tablet devices has become a key business requirement as part of the digital revolution and Spinbox have specialised on this as a key aspect.

We provide business App development, producing amazing functional apps for results and return. We analyse your requirements, develop a digital solution and design and produce high quality Apps for many platforms, including Windows 8 Apps.

Outside of Apps, don't forget your mobile website. Having a website that responds to multiple resolutions (Responsive Web Design) or a forked mobile website is now fundamental to your digital strategy.

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Mobile Devices

Sitefinity Partners

So, what on earth is a CMS and what's the big deal?

Well, CMS stands for 'Content Management System'. The idea behind a CMS is to allow you to manage your content on your website without ANY technical knowledge. It should be as easy as using any Word Processor to change your content, text and images and creating new website pages.

At Spinbox, we are champions for Sitefinity CMS. An amazingly powerful CMS, which has the easiest to use interface as well as some of the most powerful online marketing tools and features available. Features include blogs, news & events, image galleries and integrated email marketing through to full ecommerce functionality all within one simple system.

A CMS is the key way forward for the web and online marketing solutions. Sitefinity has the leading SEO & Social Media tools built in with the aim to reduce your online spend and maximise on your RTI. With Spinbox as Platinum Sitefinity Partners, we are rated as the top Sitefinity agency in the UK.

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Sitefinity CMS

eCommerce website

Increasing sales for any business is the primary goal and with 2013 seeing record online sales, eCommerce is as critical to your business growth as your top 10 sales staff.

By understanding the customer journey and the user experience, we set to work building strategies to drive quality traffic and increase conversion.

We believe that the placement of key functions, colour choices and even the right text to use can change a user from a browser to a customer.

Our key to eCommerce is simplicity.  We think that removing the barriers for the user and the store administrator will help improve productivity, production and most importantly sales and referrals.

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